Difference between well-drained and poorly drained soils in macadamia production

Difference between wel-drained and poory drained soils in macadamia production – By Gareth Glasspool Soil Scientist Soil characteristics impact crop growth and developmentSoil classification plays a huge role in the development and eventual success of a macadamia orchard. Soil classification refers to the examination of the soil’s physical properties and the classification thereof according to […]

Blueberry flowers

Blueberry flowers By Jaques Landman – Technical Manager AT New Zealand / AT Australia East Coast Over the past five years, global blueberry consumption has doubled to reach 650 000 tons per annum. Indications are that it is set to double again during the next five years, reaching a global consumption rate of 1,5 million […]

Why do irrigated fruit crops perform better on some soils?

Why do irrigated fruit crops perform better on some soils? By Marnus Ferreira – Head of Soil Sciences Agri Technovation This article aims to better explain the intricacies of how soils behave under irrigation in a scientific yet practical way. Due to the massive variation in soil types that exists in areas of Southern Africa, […]

Avocado: What is happening in spring

Avocado: What is happening in spring By August Kruger – Horticulturist – Agri Technovation – Physiology Research  With higher mean temperatures and the in- creased length of daylight that accompany our seasonal transition from winter to spring, the stage is set for the next important step in annual avocado tree phenology, fruit set, cell division […]

New technology will help achieve more regular cropping


There is a new technology causing a stir among international fruit growers. This ground-breaking innovation monitors a fruit tree’s carbohydrate status, allowing for timely corrective action, if needed, to ensure an optimal harvest. The technology – developed by frontier global agricultural company Agri Technovation and branded as ITEST™ CARBOHYDRATES – is especially effective in addressing […]