The Agri Technovation ITEST™WATER range of services helps producers to manage one of the most valuable resources known to humanity.

Water can influence soil chemistry, crop health, fertilisation practices and the long-term sustainability of soil.

Water quality has a significant influence on successful crop production. Understanding the quality of each available water source through regular analysis, is a critical step towards achieving success. By identifying aspects of water quality that could negatively affect crop production, producers are enabled to get on track and stay on track.

Water quality can influence crop production and sustainability over the short and long term. Since the chemical composition of groundwater is generally more variable than surface water, we always recommend that the water quality and management practices relating to a new groundwater source are determined before the water source is used for irrigation purposes. Good quality water supplies are becoming more scarce, while the quality of groundwater is continuously impacted by environmental conditions as well as industrial and farming practices. We therefore recommend that the water quality from each individual water source be analysed at least biannually (for example, every winter and every summer).

The ITEST™WATER suite of services allows for the elucidation of water suitability for irrigation, spray application and consumption. This information provides guidance to producers in the efficient use of water and in understanding the impact of water chemistry on soil health, crop health, the efficiency of crop protection product application, as well as on human and animal physiology.

The graphical and interpretative format of the ITEST™WATER reports promotes the understanding of results and allows for the producer to make informed decisions regarding water source selection and use.