Access real-time data from live probes

An efficient irrigation system is a vital component for crop production. We offer a holistic approach to irrigation monitoring and management with real-time data available at our producers’ fingertips. Water is and will remain to be one of our most important and precious commodities. This is why the agricultural industry needs to use the most effective irrigation methods to ensure water resources are applied optimally. Our MYIRRIGATION™ solution makes this possible by combining scientifically-proven practices of precision farming with cloud-based technology and a 360-degree irrigation approach.

MYIRRIGATION™ is more than just an innovative irrigation solution; it is a revolutionary, real-time methodology that makes every drop of water count towards an improved yield, without causing wastage. The foundation of this farming solution is irrigation scheduling that provides holistic software, hardware and service solutions. The innovative software gives producers real-time recommendations in millimeter, cubic meter or hours/minutes per orchard/block. These insightful guidelines are also provided according to crop phenology, per orchard/block and in a cloud-based format.

The availability of this data supports informed decision-making and could therefore significantly impact a producer’s production results. The irrigation data is merged with MYFARMWEB™ – our powerful cloud-based system that serves as a platform for precision-based informed decision-making.