Yield maps are vital to evaluate the results of cultivars planted during the year. MYYIELD™ is the final evaluating layer that assists to identify the potential of cultivars per field. With this data it is possible to recommend variable seeding and fertilisation rates to optimise the yield per hectare. MYYIELD™ provides the data to fine-tune all recommendations and lifts the profitability of farming units as a whole. If all soil classification maps and soil fertility maps are available, producers are able to identify reasons for poor or superior performance.

MYYIELD™ makes it possible to identify the cultivar that performed best in terms of yield on different soil types and to determine the optimum soil fertility status. This data is used to set new norms for plant populations per hectare and optimum levels for soil fertility per different soil type.

The MYYIELD™ technology is currently being adapted for application on fruit orchards.